Isn’t WowChow just a fancy version of p#&&% chow?

Yes, but shhh! We don’t use the p-word around here because it’s terribly confusing for people who didn’t grow up with the best treat ever. As Taste reports, the chow concept is “vaguely Midwestern,” but we hope to share its joys with the world at large, hence the name WowChow.

How is WowChow different from other chows on the market?

WowChow Snacks is built on the premise of using high-quality, natural ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. This means we use pure nut butters that retain all the goodness of whole nuts, as well as dark chocolate and raw, organic powdered sugar. It also means that we avoid sugar alcohols, palm oil and cost-cutting fillers.

Is WowChow gluten-free?

Yes. We use a puffed rice base so WowChow is naturally gluten free.